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Capturing Jon G. Michels

It's taken a lot to bring this documentary together, and we've certainly had a lot of help! Most of the time we don't even ask, you just know we need you. Your helping hands make you our heroes, and while not all heroes wear capes, they definitely have initiative!


In our last blast, Terrificon was looming on the horizon! Although it may be just another Comic-Con to you... oh wait... we can't say that anymore... actually, we can't afford to say that.... hang on... Although it may be just another comic convention to you, Terrificon is very special to us. Show runner Mitch Hallock is responsible for bringing together 5 Charlton alumni for a panel 4 years ago that sparked the idea for this documentary!

Since then we've had the pleasure of attending as guests, and the show itself has been the background for 4 of our interviews! Normally we do a panel, but this year we stayed tableside and teamed up with Pint O' Comics to do a special live feed where hosts Johnny Ganache and Sir Jon brought many of the show's guests over to the Charlton table for some really fun interviews.

A special Thank You to Jude for running the stream!

Here are both streams from Saturday and Sunday:


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table during the 3 day weekend! We love meeting you guys face-to-face, hearing your thoughts, and fielding the questions you have about what we're up to. You know what we also love? When some of our most favorite people are also attending the con!

Joe Sinnott was a surprise Saturday-only guest, and honestly, we're not sure which crowd was larger at his table: his fans or the other comic creators from the show who left their own tables to come hang with Joe!

Denny was another popular guy with a hella long line and heaps of eager people who wanted to say Hi!

Luckily they didn't keep his appearance a surprise, so Jackie remembered to bring her copy of Children of Doom for Denny to sign, and in the sea of comics featuring that Bat fellow, when he saw that moldy Charlton hit his table he held it out and gave a "Woah!"


When we do a convention appearance, veteran followers like you know by now that we rarely "just go" to do the show, we always have ulterior motives! Early on Friday we loaded up Keith's car, and when we landed at Mohegan it took him and Jackie 3 trips to unload their camera gear and lights into the show. (we ain't shooting this movie on an iPhone kids!) We had a plan, but no promises, and that's where the our heroes come in... this time it was actually The Hero Initiative!

On Saturday, Keven Brogan from the Hero Initiate happened to swing by our table and we ended up talked some business - including how our long-time goal has always been that we will be making a donation to the foundation when we sell this movie.

Cut to later in the day when Jackie was making the rounds to try and entice two convention guests to appear in interviews. Both of these guys had given us polite "No's" in the past, but why should that stop her? (Seriously, when it comes to this movie, she doesn't take "No" for an answer.) The first guy had a table full of people, so she swung by the second guy's table..... which was also full, but not as bad, so she figured she's wait them out. That's when Kevin spotted her loitering and called her over the Hero's table... which just happened to be the neighboring table of the guy she was waiting for. Jackie explained to Kevin that she had previously asked this guy to be in the movie, but he felt "he wasn't important to the story", so she was there to explain why that answer was utterly absurd... and ask again for that interview. Before she could blink, Kevin yelled over, "Hey Roger, you ready to do an interview?"

And that's how we got Roger Stern!

He's the the last piece of the CPL Gang / Charlton Bullseye puzzle!

As you can see, we LITERALLY put Roger on a pedestal!

We've chosen our interview subjects according to key moments in Charlton's timeline and although Roger didn't think his part was important, the research begs to differ! Of course, this interview was just as full of hiccups as all our interviews... it just wouldn't be Charlton if it didn't! There was the drive-thru style loudspeaker interruptions and the very stylized way we had to mic Roger because of rambunctious cosplayer behind us, but nonetheless, we had fun and as you'll see below, we think Roger had a good time too! From the kid who pulled Captain Atom from the spinner rack to the guy who was too nervous to actually use his real name when it was time to pen his favorite hero's adventure, Jon G. Michels errrr.... Roger Stern is now officially part of

Charlton Comics: The Movie!

Until next time... Up and Atom! Jackie and Keith

So uhhh..... who was that other guy Jackie was waiting for?

Well, he's a heavy-hitter in the comic industry....

...and we have a short list of other interviews to shoot, but unlike those, this person keeps shying away....

Maybe he doesn't think he's important.....

But we know he is....

He may not know it, but he was actually a Charlton reject... but Nick Cuti knew he was special...

So special and oh so talented that Nick defied management by hiring him....

Crazier still...

He's THE LAST PIECE before we can start post production.....

That's right guys, it's that close.

His name?


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