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Pumpkins were carved, leaves fell, thanks were given, and you're probably wondering where the hell we've been? Well, stuff did happen, but it was amid Jackie working on back to back movie features & Keith manning a big freelance job, so the update squad faceplanted. Aside from the verbal barrage you'll be hit with in moments, we also have videos!

YES, plural!

Remember when news broke about Charlton's triumphant return to comic book shops?

Charlton Arrow #1 Vol. 2 hit shelves in early October and immediately disappeared! The smart kids pre-ordered their copy (Keith), everyone else (looking at you Jackie*) had to go to multiple stores before they found a copy.... if they found one at all!

*It took 6 stores and 2 states, but Jackie finally found a copy!

Charlton Arrow #1

Now we're in the same situation with Issue #2! Orders did not meet the demand!

Certainly that's frustrating for a lot of us who (again) didn't pre-order through Diamond, but hell, how FREAKING AWESOME that a title that's been gone for 30 years is causing such a hype!?!?

Charlton Arrow #2


With comic con season wrapping up, we made our last con appearance of 2017 at

They scheduled our panel as the last one for the night, and good thing, because we not only went over our time, but uhhh the loud speaker asking everyone to exit the building for the evening was our cue to pack it in.

Joining us were two of our favorites: Joe Staton and Joe Sinnott!

Heck, we even remembered to set up to record the panel, so you guys wouldn't miss out!


Charlton Comics: The Movie Library Tour 2017 - 2018

We love doing con appearances, but we like to kick it local too, and what better way to stay local than visiting your local library?

Our first stop was the Derby Library, located in the hometown of Charlton itself!

We had a packed room of at least 30 people seated, and a large handful of folks standing in the back of the room. Paul Kupperberg showed up to surprise us, so of course we invited him to join us on the panel.

Highlights of the evening were (finally) meeting Dick Giordano's son Rich, some great folks who worked there, one of John Santangelo Sr.'s secretaries, and one more very special person.

We were taking questions from the audience, when a woman tucked on the end of the second row politely raised her hand. She introduced herself and said she was also an employee. Jackie asked what she did, and without much regale, she said typed the lettering on the comics.

Kupperberg blurted out, "Holy sh*t, you're A Machine", and Jackie pterodactyl screamed.

Guys, THIS is outrageously cool!

A Machine was the name given to a collective of letterers who were employed by Charlton.

For those in the know, a letterer will actually hand letter the word balloons on the comic pages. Charlton didn't use actual letterers, or at least not the whole time, instead they purchased a typewriter that could fit the art pages, Pat Masulli designed a typeface that mimicked hand written lettering, and lettering became more of a secretarial duty.

From what research has shared, this is where the women of Charlton Comics come in. Another member of the A Machine collective was Al Fago's wife, Blanche.


This past week we made our 2nd Library Tour stop - The Wallingford Public Library.

Thanks to our friends who showed up, and a big Up and Atom! to all the folks who showed up without any knowledge of who or what Charlton Comics is!

A third thank you is owed to Julie from Wallingford Library staff. She was our coordinator and graciously live streamed the event via Facebook Live.

Audio was dependent on the iPad recording us, so hike up the volume.... and secret, not so secret, we were showing clips that are normally exclusive to con panel attendees... so hint hint, wink... you might wanna pay close attention.


Before we go, don't forget, we still have one more stop on our CT Library Tour.

Next up we'll be at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library on January 20, 2018.... but that's like, next year!

Up and Atom!

Jackie and Keith

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