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Thomas Terrific Talks

It came together fast. TerrifiCON's founder Mitch Hallock said that legendary writer Roy Thomas was interested in doing an on-camera interview for the doc when he was here in Connecticut for the show. Great! But...would our schedules allow it?

We reached out to Roy's manager, John Cimino to coordinate with Roy's schedule. There was only one possibility: early Friday morning August 18th, before the show opened AND before Roy had to make his scheduled appearances. Perfect! We could do it!

Jackie drew the short straw on this one. She was filming overnights, so Keith picked her up after she wrapped 6am. First stop - COFFEE, then they raced to Mohegan Sun to do the shoot.

If you've never had the fortune of talking with Roy Thomas, you are missing out! Roy is a genuinely sweet and engaging person with Midwestern charm, and just loves to talk all things four-color. During our hour and a half with him on camera, he regaled us with stories of his short time working for Charlton including Son of Vulcan, Captain Atom (including his personal preference of wardrobe), Blue Beetle, Charlton Premiere, romance comics, working with Grass Green and of course, Dick Giordano.

He talked about Charlton's lore, the crazy rumors and even a little insight into Steve Ditko's relationship with Charlton. One of Roy's best little anecdotes is a hilarious tale of his trip to a comic book burning in Missouri in the 1950's. Not wanting to give away the punch line, let's just say that if you see Roy at an upcoming comic con, ask him about it. You'll love it!

As producers of this documentary, we have had the privilege of talking to some of the true luminaries in the comic book business and Mr. Roy Thomas is the newest one to be added to our roster!

Thanks to Roy & John for arranging a very last minute interview which turned out to be one of the best yet!

On the way out of the Mohegan Sun that morning, Neal Adams spotted us passing by. He was busy setting up his booth, but chatted with us for a few minutes and things. It's been stuff like that that really makes working on this documentary extra cool!


As a special bonus, here's a Bullseye Byte from Roy's interview where he reflects on his start at Charlton. We'll be clipping more of these soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages or head over the the Charlton Theatre!

Up and Atom!

Jackie and Keith

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