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Got 'em, Got 'em, Need 'em, Got 'em.

We're winding down to the last of our interviews, and we know the curiosity is getting to you!

Do you remember who we already have?

Did we forget somebody?

And the all important, "who the hell is THAT guy, and why does HE get to be in the movie?!?"

Hang on to your checklists - Here we go!

Currently Captured

We are forever honored that each of these fine gentlemen let us invade their homes, track mud on their carpets, make awkward small talk, and waste many valuable hours of their time!

These are the legends of Charlton Comics.

The Artists

Frank McLaughlin - Editor George Wildman - TC Ford - Neal Adams for Continuity Studios

The Writers

Paul Kupperberg - Roy Thomas - Will Franz - Denny O'Neil

The Romantic Fanatics

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Joe Sinnott

Best known for their steamy romance comic artwork

The CPL Gang

Bob Layton - Roger Stern - John Byrne

Team E-Man

Assistant Editor Nick Cuti and artist Joe Staton

Hey! Who You?

You might not know these guys....well maybe one or two, BUT they're experts and (more importantly) ACTUAL fans of Charlton comics.

Mitch Hallock - Gary McGinnis - Mike Zapcic - Professor Foster


Sound Off

Don't worry, we heard your concerns!

Many of you were concerned that just because somebody passed away that we're just gonna forget about them!

Absolutely, positively, no way!

Because of some wonderful friends such as historian Chris Irving, & Big Apple Con's Allan Rosenberg we have audio recordings of some of Charlton's greats that left us far too soon.

Dick Giordano Joe Gill Sam Glanzman


The Final Pieces

We'll begin the countdown with two more important guys.

The mortar to our bricks you might say.

Chris Irving Mark Knox aka Fester Faceplant

Historian The man behind the Charlton resurgence

Author of The Blue Beetle Companion

The Closing Chapter

Paul Levitz John Wren

The DC Head Honcho "The man who shut off the lights on the way out".

Watchmen Wrangler He witnessed the death rattle of Charlton Comics.

The One That Got Away

Steve Ditko

His appearance will be according to the wishes of the people who knew him best.

The One Playing Hard To Get

He's a heavy-hitter in the comic industry, and unlike EVERYBODY else, he keeps shying away from an interview.

Fun Fact: He was actually a Charlton reject, but Nick Cuti knew he was special. SO special in fact, Nick risked his job by hiring him. This guy is important. Maybe he doesn't think so, but WE KNOW he is - and YOU do too!

This is where we need YOUR HELP!

If you see him at a show, (politely) say, "WE NEED YOU IN THE MOVIE!"

So who's the holdout?



There maaaay or may not be two more "creatives" from Charlton that we'll interview, but we're pending the A-OK from them.

When we get the green light, we'll let ya'll know!


One Terrific Weekend

And for all you East Coasters.... Don't forget that this weekend is Terrificon at Mohegan Sun!

Although we won't have a table this year, Keith and Jackie will be around on Saturday. Make sure to say HI!

Should you find yourself needing some extra Charlton-y goodness that weekend, here's some friends to drop by and see!

Jose Delbo

Paul Kupperberg

Newly awarded Eisner Hall of Famer - Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Al Milgrom

Joe Staton

Neal Adams

See you Saturday, or see you next time!

Up and Atom!

- Jackie and Keith

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