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Shuffle Off To Buffalo

Yes, we were in Buffalo, but this song was also part of the Charlton origin story!

Legend has it that "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" was the first song that John Santangelo ever pirated that would one day lead to the creation of Charlton Press.

Nifty, huh?

The Phantom

Have we told you lately that we are extremely appreciative to ALL of our supporters?

While the documentary is still in the stage of filming, we have to build an audience for when the movie is finally done. For the fans like you, it's exciting when we announce who else has agreed to an interview, but for the most part, you guys do a lot of waiting around while we work behind the scenes.

We do our best to make the rounds at cons to help get the word out, but hey, let's face it - the movie ain't finished, so a lot of cons aren't interested.

Not Buffalo ComiCon! It started when Emil, the showrunner, happened to see someone wearing one of our shirts *gasp!* and got our e-mail. He reached out to us to ask where he could also buy a shirt *double gasp!*, then invited us to present at his show *fainting*.

Holy bananas! This guy is a real fan!

Buffalo ComiCon is an actual, honest to goodness comic-based con - no seriously.... you can actually buy comics at this show and panels are comic centric.... it's not just walls and walls of Funko Pops!

We prepared an awesome selection of exclusive clips for the show. We posted on social media the entire 7hour drive up Buffalo to get you pumped. We promised that we'd be streaming our panel so nobody would miss out. We were psyched.

Aaaand then we ran into every technical issue that was possible.

As Paul Kupperberg has said, "That's so Charlton."

But rolling with the punches is what we do best! We still had a great panel and even better we met one of our original backers from our Indiegogo campaign! Up and Atom, Edward!

When you're at a comic con that's all about comics (weird, right?) you also meet some of the most dedicated supporters of the medium. Keith and I had the extreme fortune to meet not 1, but 2 great gentlemen who gave us some spectacular advice about how we can finish the movie.

Full circle:

It's all because Buffalo ComiCon saw potential in Charlton Comics: The Movie.

(and P.S. Wherever this project ends up when it's done, you can be certain that we really do remember all of you who were cheering for this project before it became cool.)


Well, well, well. If you managed to read this far, you definitely deserve a reward.

Because WE promised you a panel, and WE screwed up, YOU get to watch the EXCLUSIVE CLIPS that were given to the attendees of the Buffalo show.


This is raw footage that may end up in the final film. It is not color corrected, or sound balanced, but let us know whatcha think!

Up and Atom!

Jackie and Keith

...yes we did go to The Anchor Bar - home of the original Buffalo Wings

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