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Keith Larsen has been an award-winning professional in the field of video production for over two decades. While still in college between 1992 and 1994, Keith was hired to produce and direct several professional corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies. This experience immediately led to several job offers outside the college. In 1995, he accepted a position as Media Production Specialist at Quinnipiac College, and then moved onto Middlesex Community College in the same capacity. Since 1994, he had also been operating as Sleepless Knights Film & Video and then RKL Pictures producing or editing commercial spots, corporate videos & documentaries. In 2013, Keith was in development on an original comedy series with (formerly of) ESPN & Marvel Entertainment's Kira Karlstrom for NBC Universal. starring Hanson Brothers from the legendary sports film “Slap Shot”. In 2014, Keith accepted an offer from AJA Video Systems to join their staff as a Field Systems Engineer and returned to production as RKL Pictures again in 2016.

You can find Keith at

Producer / Director of Photography / Editor


Jackie is a makeup artist with over 10 years of experience, specializing in using only cruelty-free products (meaning not tested on animals or animal ingredients). Her client list includes many of the Entertainment Industries’ well known faces and her films have aired on major networks such as NBC and A+E Networks, and premiered at top festivals: Sundance, South by Southwest, Tribeca, and the Toronto Film Festival.  

You can find Jackie at

Producer / Director / Research


Dennis is an award director/cinematographer with 25 years experience filming features, commercials and TV programming. As a co-founder of One Black Shoe, a commercial production company, he directed and photographed national and regional TV spots.   In addition to being the director of photography on seven feature films Dennis recently made his directorial debut with the psychological thriller, I’M NOT ADAM, which is currently being submitted to festivals.  As a co-founder of Heavybag Media, Dennis included entertainment marketing as part of his experience including the online marketing for companies such as Miramax Films, Warner Bro.’s. eHarmony and Sun Micro Systems. Dennis now directs BRENT’S HANG, a branded content weekly web series for DW Drums. THE WHISTLER is a 28 minute short film he served on as a producer/director of photography that is currently playing at numerous film festivals in the US and Canada. He is currently the director of photography on the feature length documentary THE 60 PROJECT that is now in production.  

Sadly we lost Dennis to ALS in February of 2016. He was never about the glory of having his name on top.  He was just excited to be telling stories and learning about new things, and his abrupt departure is still felt every day.

Read more about Dennis here.  

Producer / Distribution Master


With 15 years of experience, Jude Breidenbach continues to work in many facets of live broadcast and video production from videographer, editor, gaffer, to sound operations. Since 2003, he has been working for Yale’s Broadcast & Media Center, while also freelancing in his spare time with Producer/Director Aaron McFarlane of Yosh Films.  Jude is excited to blend his love of technology , his creative skillset and his love of comic books into one exciting project with Charlton Comics: The Movie

Technical Director (Audio, Lighting, Gaffer, Grip, PA & Kale Shake Specialist)


Doer of many things, and most of them done with impeccable detail, Jason or "JRod" as he's known, didn't provide us with a bio, and after many e-mails of begging, we have to make one up for him.

He once had long hair and a mustache, and now he doesn't. He can't sleep in hotels, yet is a fabulous production travel buddy.He loves his French Bulldogs. And firewood. If you ask, do you want coffee, he will always say "YES". JRod is all about his coffee.

2nd Unit Camera, Electric & Grip


Peter is founder of Trilobite Pictures which has been in the business of storytelling for the screen. since 2000. Trilobite has had their in-house short films play around the world in over a dozen cities and six countries. They've gathered a nice bundle of awards and have been lucky enough to be released commercially on DVD for our trouble, but we've also got experience creating opening title sequences for feature-length and short-form films; editing for film (other people's, not just our own); 3D character animation; 3D visual effect animation; and puppetry of various kinds. Drama, horror, parody, documentary, experimental, feature-length and short subject. 

Recently Peter launched Birdbrain - The comic strip! Quality consecutive panel based entertainment! You can check out Birdbrain at

(Side note from the Producers: Might we also add that Peter is responsible for our super fancy 3D Charlton logo!)

Animator & Post-Production


Aaron is another delinquent who couldn't be bothered to give us his bio. Having been friends with him for over 7 years, I'll give it a whirl.

Aaron is one of the nicest people I know, but don't tell him you enjoy low-brow beer like Budweiser... you'll receive a lecture that'll give you PTSD every time you stand in front of the cooler at the liquor store. After a period of many years, he finally stopped wearing those stupid Vibram 5 Finger Shoes. He hires only the surliest of Boom Operators, and always brings a 5lb (YES! 5 POUND) bag of Haribo Gummy Bears to set... but not the sugar-free ones that give you explosive diarrhea, as stated above he is a nice guy.

The Soundman


We're not paying her, so she didn't give us a bio either. Shocking. I guess we're even.

Erin once said her favorite food is Domino's Pizza. She likes it because she can order it through an app and not have to deal with human interaction. Erin helps us with location shoots and off-line editing. She's a quick learner and her dark sense of humor is always welcome.

We like Erin.

Our First Intern!


Jimmy Valentin is a Senior at Waterbury Arts Magnet School and is currently studying Video Production. He is probably the youngest in the group however, will engage in any conversation and enjoys every opportunity given to him. After meeting Jimmy we feel that he will be a great addition to the movie team, but he needs to work on his coffee habit. As in, he has none. A production no-no. We'll break him.

Our SECOND intern!

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