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Fake, Guy

We're one step closer to wrapping up the origin of Charlton's founder, John Santangelo!

Earlier this month, I put in a request to the National Archives and Records Administration to pull the court cases for Mr. John - I didn't know what I'd get, or IF I'd get anything. A few days later, I got my response - Yes, they were able to locate the case files, and yes, they could pull them for me! When I started research for this documentary, I never dreamed that I'd get to dig this deep. Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the National Archives at New York City where I read through the 2 criminal case files containing 198 documents detailing what would eventually land Mr. John in jail, where he'd meet Edward Levy, and thus the beginning of Charlton. One of my passions is history, so I will admit, I did audibly (but quietly) squeal in delight when I was left alone with the boxes of old files. And I may have clutched my invisible pearls when I saw Mr. John's name on the original Bench Warrant from 1939.

Although it isn't about comics, I know a few of you out there like the nitty gritty details and these are cool for sure!

Here's the original Bench Warrant for John Santangelo dated June 7, 1939 (filed June 14, 1939).

Does anybody else find it hilarious that the Judge's name is Guy Fake.... or Fake, Guy? Oh, and it seems that Mr. John had an alias! ....and not just one either!

Here's page 1 from the indictment statement listing all 5 known aliases!

The story just gets funnier by the day. Now, everybody keep their fingers (and toes) crossed that perhaps someday soon, we'll get some mugshots to complete this origin story!

Up and Atom! Jackie and Keith

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