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Let's Talk Turkey!

Or maybe we should wait until that food coma passes...

When we last saw our heroes we were launching Phase 2 of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to finish the movie! ....Errrrr which... didn't go so well... Jeez, what is it with Charlton and lack of money?!?! Fear not, we'll find a way, but help is always appreciated!

You can always make a contribution on our website! As mentioned in our last shout out, our New York Comic Con live broadcast was heaps of fun, and we're happy that Charlton is being noticed! ....buuuuut we're still waiting on them to post the video online. We'll share is as soon as it's up!

Now for the fun stuff! We know that some of our subscribers are Connecticut locals and I also know some of you have been curious about us, but maybe you're not into the Comic Con scene. Tomorrow on Small Business Saturday, both Keith, and I (Jackie), and Charlton alumni Paul Kupperberg will be at Legends of Superheros in Middlebury, CT from 10am until 7pm. We'd love to meet some of you and this is a great way to do it! We'll have issues of Charlton Neo comics for sale as well as Charlton Movie buttons and movie posters (proceeds go directly to the movie's budget). Legends is offering some great sales at the store as well, so you can also shop for the nerd in your life, or something cool for yourself ;)

Keith and I have also discussed doing a Charlton meet-and-greet somewhere in the Derby area. It would be a low-key event, just a friendly way to talk about the movie and what our plans are, and give you the opportunity to ask us some questions in person. We'd include some of the local Charlton artists and writers to add in their thoughts about the project and maybe even reconnect with some of you who have lost touch! We'll do a small screening of our movie trailer and some of the behind the scene clips so you'll be able to see what we've shot so far. This is still in the developmental stage due to the unpredictable work schedules that Keith and I are bound to, but we're thinking early 2017.

We'll of course give plenty of notice because we'll want to advertise in the paper and community centers so our friends who aren't so tech savvy will know about it too! If you have any advise / questions / comments / thoughts about this, you can always send us an e-mail. Until next time Charlton fans! Up and Atom! Jackie and Keith

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