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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Now, while we're familiar with this word "vacation", who has time for that?!?

The leaves are changing, so pack away your Speedo (Eeeeek!!!) and grab something pumpkin spice flavored, and let's catch up!

We posted a blog back in July after we interviewed Charlton's youngest writer, Will Franz. If you missed out, you can read it here.

Will invited us to his office over in Brooklyn to get the nitty gritty on why he was perhaps the only person ever to be censored while working for Charlton. But woah, that was July and summer officially kicked off in June! So let's rewind a minute and check in with another Brooklyn boy.

Meet Paul Kupperberg. He's the guy that killed Archie. Yes, that Archie! YES... the same Archie you read as a kid! If your a fan of the Charlton Arrow, you're already familiar with his writing, but if you're tardy to the party, you can check out the comics here. Trust us, they're good.

Paul is extra special to us because he's been with us since that fateful day in Bridgeport when two weirdo fan-boys asked if he'd like to help us with a documentary. Since then we've shared many pizzas, comic con panels and sarcastic remarks with him. So naturally we had to interview him! Paul has quite the career that intertwined with Charlton more than you'd think, and while we can't share everything, here's a little trivia: Paul's first Charlton story "Distress" features artwork from an up-and-coming Mike Zeck. Pretty fancy!


This summer was also filled with some comic cons. Two in fact! Boston Comic Con now features its own film festival, and we were one of the lucky groups to host a panel to talk about our expierences with filming a comic book documentary. One of our panel attendees even said that when he heard that there was a Charlton panel, he decided to stay a whole extra day just to see what the deal was!

The next weekend brought us to TerrifiCon at Mohegan Sun. Not only is this an exciting show to attend, but it was the first show where we had a booth to spread the good word of all things Charlton!

We had a great turnout of folks who were following us on on Facebook or Twitter, some people who were referred to us, some who never even heard of Charlton, and even a few previous employees! As always we love to meet new people, so it really made our weekend special.

Now while the weekend was heaps of fun and good times, we were there to work! Lucky for us, we were only steps away from the big check list item. A certain Charlton alumn who was a founding member of the CPL Gang: Roger Stern! Roger has agreed to be interviewed, so stay tuned! But, Roger wasn't the only Charlton guy present. Right across the aisle was Joe Staton! If you'll remember Joe was our very first full length interview which is featured in

Charlton Arrow #5 If you weren't able to attend the show, then you missed out on our panel.... or did you???Never fear, we like everyone to be included, so you can enjoy our panel here on our YouTube channel! A big thank you to Joe Staton, Paul Kupperberg, and Karl Wildman for joining us!

Until next time... Up and Atom!

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