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A Fantastic Four Hours!

The weekend of July 17th brought the crew to Saugerties, NY to spend an amazing and fantastic four (nerd joke inserted) hours with 2013 Eisner Hall of Famer and the man who many consider to be the best inker of all time: Mr. Joe Sinnott. Just one look at this man's amazing list of credits and there can be no argument. Aside from being an inker, Mr. Sinnott is an incredible penciler and writer as well and is still doing work on the daily Marvel Spider-Man newspaper strips to this day! The man just loves comics and his energy and enthusiasm knows no limit when it comes to talking 4-color heroes!

We interviewed Joe for nearly 2 hours after sitting and talking all things comics in his living room for close to an hour. Following the interview for Charlton Comics: The Movie, Joe treated us to piles and piles of rare artwork, unseen commissions, and even an original piece of art drawn by Stan "The Man" Lee himself! Joe also showed us pristine copies of some of the great Charlton Comics work he did on such titles as Gorgo and dozens of romance books that his son Mark Sinnott sent over.

We really enjoyed our stay with Joe Sinnott, and lamented that the end of the time we had with him was over so quickly. On the drive back we all commented on how incredibly lucky we are to have gotten a rare glimpse into the world of one of the most storied artists in the comic book industry. Joe is an incomparable talent and an even better human being. We cant wait to see him again and are incredibly humbled to be able to now call him our friend.

Excelsior Joe!

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