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Charlton Takes Manhattan (again)

Before New York Comic Con, there was only one con to take on Manhattan - Big Apple Comic Con! ...and not since the year 2000 has Charlton made an appearance there ... until this weekend!

Join us this Sunday, March 12th, at 1pm for a fun-filled half hour panel all about Charlton Comics: The Movie! We'll be answering questions about what we're up to now, and sharing some behind the scenes clips from our interview with John Byrne! What? You can't make it?!?! Oh... you don't live anywhere near New York.... Well shoot, that's not fair now is it?!? Don't worry, we'll be sure to film the panel so all you awesome and loyal Charlton fans don't miss any of the fun!!!


Now, if you're one of the lucky ducks who is in New York and definitely wants to come check out the show, you can get your tickets here. Charlton alum Roy Thomas will be on deck all weekend... and a little birdie told me that Stan Lee is officiating a wedding! Excelsior, indeed! How neat is this?!?! On Saturday they have a Comic Book Shark Tank! If you're an aspiring comic creator who has yet to get published, submit your work to our Shark Tank for comics. Get constructive criticism from publishers and if they like your work enough, they may publish you!

Before we part ways, let's highlight that today was International Women's Day! Charlton had some fantastic ladies in the house so let's take second to hi-five their contributions to comics! Charlotte Jetter (wife of Al Jetter) - Letterer (aka one of the many hands of A. Machine) Blanche Fago (wife of Al Fago) - Editorial Assistant Janet Elizabeth - Artist Wendy Fiore - Colorist Greta Klein - Secretary to George Wildman Helen Popowski - Head of Coloring Dept. Janice Valleau - Artist Maybe you know some other ladies of Charlton that should be on this list? Send us an e-mail and let us know!

Until next time Charlton fans! Up and Atom! - Jackie and Keith

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