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The Charlton Family Loses Another Great...

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to a legend, a real visionary, and hell of a good guy, George Wildman.

A true renaissance man through and through, George's career was something that few can boast about. Here was a cartoonist who took his background in advertising and molded it to suit the needs of a comic book company that few others saw potential in. His rebranding of the Charlton Comic's logo undoubtedly breathed new life into a fading empire.

Interviewing George Wildman for the Charlton Movie was truly an experience of a lifetime. We are forever grateful to have shared in his stories of some of comic book history's most critical points and look forward to paying them forward to the audience of this movie production.

The last thing we talked about before parting ways was the Charlton resurgence. You could see the surprise in his eyes, then the glimmer of pride.

A few days later while talking to his son Karl, he told me how thrilled George was about Charlton's new life and he'd been looking over his old Charlton work reminiscing.

I'm sorry we don't have a finished film for you yet George, but I'm glad that before you left you knew that the company that you poured love into wasn't dead, it just needed a can of spinach!

I know you'll be at the movie's premiere, just not as we last saw you.

Safe journey my friend, and rest easy.

... Oh! And if you happen to see Dick Giordano, Joe Gill, or any of the other guys, tell em we say Hi!

- Jackie

For more information on attending his service or contributing to his memory, please click here.

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