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Greetings from Red Bank, New Jersey

A month ago Keith, Jackie and Peter Bradley set out in a severe ice storm. Their destination: Red Bank, New Jersey. Sound familiar? Well to most comic book, movie and pop culture zealots it's known as the stomping grounds for the champion of all things geek and independent film success, Kevin Smith. It's also the town in which his venerable comic book store, Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash is located. You maybe know that place from the AMC television show, "Comic Book Men".

The day started slowly with Peter getting his car stuck, long coffee lines, and equipment issues - but we eventually got out on the freeway and sailed into Red Bank. Much like the movies, we were lucky to find the only available parking spot on the entire street open right in front of the Stash. Good thing too, because as we headed south the temperature rose and the ice became a driving rain storm. Loading in gear in a monsoon wasn't fun and could have been worse had we had to walk a distance.

We were there to interview Mike Zapcic, the resident comic book historian and all around long-time fan of all things 4-color. Mike greeted us with his warm sense of humor and did one of the most jovial and light-hearted interviews with us to date. He was well schooled on Charlton and his quick wit gave us many great clips to use in the movie. Following the interview, Ming Chen and Walter Flanagan arrived and we hung out in the store and shopped a bit before strolling the streets of Red Bank (since the weather had cleared), and enjoying dinner there before we set off on the trip back.

If you've never been to Red Bank, are nostalgic for small town life, and live within a drive of it, go check it out. We three were in love with the community there, and the downtown area near the Secret Stash is quaint and harkens back to a simpler era. Mike and the guys are fun to chat with and we will be going back this summer to spend a day there and just take in a relaxing afternoon.

Thanks to Michael and guys at the Stash for hosting us! We will be seeing them at many conventions this summer and if you get a chance to meet them, don't be shy. Up and Atom!

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