Kicking It Art School With The Judomaster

The final weekend in August brought us to the campus of the renowned Paier Art College in Hamden, Connecticut to talk with the illustrious Frank McLaughlin (get it? He illustrates and...yeah). Dean of The College Francis R. Cooley and Vice-President Dan Paier were on hand with some of their students to witness the interview session upon arrival. Paier was most gracious and very excited to have us there at Frank's suggestion as he instructs there part-time to this day.

Frank was very excited to be part of the movie and delighted us with many tales of Charlton's nebulous past. He talked about his collaborations with greats like Steve Ditko on Captain Atom. He also discussed the creation of his character, Judomaster with co-creator Charles Santangelo.

As with all of our interviews so far on this project, Frank told us several zany stories about life in and around Charlton Comics and his relationship with management and collegues. Many of the stories revolved aorund the fascinating career of the prolific Joe Gill.

All in all, Frank was a great interview and a great 3 hours spent with an audience of students that admire him and are excited and intrigues by the prospect of Charlton Comics: The Movie.

Up and Atom! CAPTAIN Atom that is!

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