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CharltonMovie took a trip to Kingston, New York to the home of Joe & Hilary Staton to do a second interview with the comic book art legend!

What can you say about the Statons except that they are quite possibly the most endearing and welcoming people that you'll find. While we felt like a major inconvience to them invading their home for an afternoon, the Staton's were warm and inviting and we had a great time geeking out with them.

We settled in on their three-season porch for the interview which was much more in depth and insightful than the one we did at the Sheraton Hotel during Super Mega Fest Comic Con months earlier. As you can see from the photo above, Joe got into the spirit of things by donning a rare Charlton E-Man t-shirt (yeah, we want one)! After we finished the interview, the real treat began: shooting coverage in Joe Staton's home office! The Bat-Cave! The Fortess of Creative Solitude!! Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers HQ!!!

Joe's work area is populated with action figures, posters and comic book memorabilia that made our collective head's spin. We got to see his original art, classic Charlton Comics issues from his personal collection, and then got watch Joe work for a bit at a drawing board that has stories of legends in it.

After some coffee and pastry we treated Joe & Hilary to lunch and bid them a fond farewell. If you get the chance to meet Joe & Hilary at a comic book convention, please go say hello. They are truly right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, except with Joe having penciled it first...

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