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Legends of Superheros

While Charlton Comics: The Movie will be packed to the gills with artists, writers and editors that are industry legends, we also need to feature some commentary from other people who can pass along knowledge of the Derby, Connecticut publishing company. One of those such people are Professor William H. Foster, a comic book historian based in Middletown, Connecticut.

Professor Foster was recently featured in the PBS marathon three-part documentary "Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle". We sat down with Professor Foster in the Middlebury, Connecticut comic bookstore Legends of Superheros to get his take on Charlton Comics' history.

Professor Foster has an extremely candid and humorous take on his perception of what went on at Charlton Comics, and has some interesting opinions on what happened toward the end of the run in Derby during the 1980's.

After completing the session with Professor Foster, we reset and spent an in-depth session on what happened in the final days of Charlton Comics with the last resident Editor-in-Chief that they had, T.C. Ford.

T.C. went into depth on various issues that plagued the publisher in the 1980's including problems with copyright and ownership to certain characters and titles. One thing became clear as T.C. unfilded his story: Charlton Publishing really messed up as the 80's rolled around and the damage was irrepairable and quite sad. Such a shame that an amazing resource was lost in Connecticut and when the Charlton building burned to the ground, it was over forever.

T.C. is now in charge of his own comic book company United Comic Works, and is always visible and available around Connecticut.

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