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Laughs with Layton & Two Joe's

A trip to Super Mega Fest Comic Con to visit Mr. Bob Layton (known for his definitive work on Marvel's Iron Man) was next on the agenda for Charlton Comics: The Movie! We met Bob in the summer of 2014 at Connecticut ComiCONN where he was on a Charlton Comics panel with Paul Kupperberg, Denny O'Neil, Frank McLaughlin & Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

Bob's energy was immediately infectious and when we approached him about participating in the documentary project, he answered with a "let's do it!" before we could finish the pitch. Bob regaled us with tales of the inner workings at Charlton Comics that at times are too funny to believe.

As a bonus that day, Bob led us to two other industry titans and Charlton vets, Joe Staton (DC & Marvel Comics, Dick Tracy) and Joe Sinnott (Marvel Comics). We were able to interview both gentlemen that day as well. For someone growing up reading the work of these three men at Marvel & DC Comics, this was a trip into a surreal world where a 15-year old version of us would never believe.

We're excited to have Bob, Joe & Joe in Charlton Comics: The Movie!

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