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Meet The Boy Wonder

On a bitter sub-zero Saturday, February 13, Keith & Jackie set out as a skeleton crew of two with an SUV packed to the gills with equipment to interview Gary McInnis for the movie. Who's Gary McInnis you ask? Well, scour comicbookdb, WikiPedia and every other resource online and you'll not find a thing about Gary. So who is this guy and how did we find him? He found us. Gary was attending the TerrifiCON (then CT ComiCONN) at Mohegan Sun this past August and he stopped to chat with Mort Todd. Bonus.

Mort immediately knew he had found some kind of story. Gary is all of 15-years old and has an expansive Charlton Comics collection. So, Mort chased us down and introduced us to Gary. We immediately felt that featuring a millenial in the movie who has a love of Charlton Comics would make for a nice little aside somewhere in the narrative. Then we went to Gary's house.

Gary is an old soul. Gary is an analog millenial in a digital wasteland. Gary enthralled us for over an hour with the most astute breakdown of Charlton history. He's well read, well schooled and a savant of art breakdowns and artist styles. Gary wowed us with his lst of favorite artists that had names like Kirby, Ditko and Buscema. Not anyone from his generation or the modern age of comics, he had golden and silver age artists all over his faves. He spoke eloquently about the pre and post Comics Code Authority violence in comics and also noted several publishing standards from the age.

We got a full tour of Gary McInnis' world and we can't wait to give you all a glimpse of this impressive young man from our home state of Connecticut. He was more informed than several comic book historians we've met, and he can probably teach a collegiate level course in comic books now at the ripe age of 15. Gary will be on the floor roaming the East Coast Comic Con in April and again at TerrifiCON Mohegan Sun in August. Who knows, you may see him sitting with us at our table at TerrifiCON or even on a panel with us. If you see him, stop and say hi. He'll blow your mind.

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